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Production of the highest quality wood and fabric available on the market

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery time of the ordered sofa :

Because we are a furniture maker and your ordering sofa needs to be manufactured, delivery takes between 2 to 7 days.

About Chester sofa price :

Chester Soufa's product line strives to deliver the highest quality furniture at the most affordable price and assure you that you will hear the cheapest price available on the market.
  • Chester Turk sofa

    Chester Turk's sofa has been used for the elite and excellent in the past, but today it can make your home's library, work room or living room feel comfortable, intimate and luxurious. Chester sofas are usually made of leather or velvet. This particular design is so perfect and beautiful, that just one sofa is enough to change everything.

    Chester Turk sofa
  • Chester Comfort Sofa

    Chester sofa is a beautiful blend of wood, textiles and leather, an internationally popular and modern product that fits in with modern furniture. The Chester Comfort sofa comes in 4 different styles. All fabric, leather and fabric and all leather. The fabrics used in the Chester sofa are velvet upholstered fabrics in a variety of colors. Flax and textile fabrics can also be ordered on request.

    Chester Comfort Sofa
  • Chester boat sofa

    Chester boat sofa is a comfortable and comfortable furniture for the living room of your beautiful home. The contrast of fabric color between the chairs of this furniture gives it a striking and different look. The cold foam contained in the Chester Boat Muffler greatly enhances its comfort and eliminates the worry of sleeping on the floor completely. The high color spectrum available in the Chester Sofa sofa fabric can fully meet the needs of any taste.

    Chester boat sofa

Chester furniture

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